Hiking on the Arlberg


Discover yourself and discover nature on more than 300 kilometres of hiking routes around the Hotel Mohnenfluh

Hiking in the mountains, conquering high peaks, relaxing and finding new strength on the mountain and returning as a new person, thoroughly refreshed and relaxed, has always been the motivating force for many holidaymakers. Raingard Muxel, your hostess in the Hotel Mohnenfluh, is a passionate hiker and a living example to her guests of the well-known philosophy: You've only really been there if you've been on foot!

True to this motto, you can accompany Raingard on vigorous walks through the Arlberg region high above the Lech – and sometimes she'll even let her guests into the secret of her favourite walks and special resting places. Here she can gather the energy, creativity and ideas to offer her guests at the Hotel Mohnenfluh that special extra something every day.

Raingard's hiking tip

Beautiful and intense mountain hike with special tips for refreshment and healing herbs on the way

We start in the small village square near the Mohnenfluh in the direction of Auenfeld.Then just keep walking uphill along the road to the “Tannegg”. viewpoint. This is where James Thurell's art project is at present being created. Turn off at the branch leading in the direction of Gaisbachtobel and go down into the wild and romantic gorge with its incredible wealth of flowers. Cross a small bridge to go uphill in the direction of the Gaisbühelalpe. 

Cross boggy mountain meadows and the floor of the valley to continue uphill on a steep bridle path – passing alpine roses, alpine lady's mantle, St. John's wort, arnica, wild thyme, caraway and many other healing herbs and meadows full of flowers to reach the Gaisbühelalpe. This is where we also have the Hotel Mohnenfluh mountain breakfast with its guided walk back into the past. 

The Gaisbühelalpe is a wonderful source of strength and peace and Raingard's favourite place. Here you can get a Muxelschnaps to fortify you, before continuing in a wide curve, going fairly steeply uphill, through the Melkertäli to the Mohnenfluh saddle. Those who want to can climb up steep scree to the peak of the Mohnenfluh (2,542 metres). The fantastic panoramic view alone will reward you for the effort of the climb; the view from the peak to Lake Constance is simply grand! We return via the Kriegeralpe and the Gipslöcher (gypsum holes), a famous nature reserve with orchids and innumerable mountain flowers.

Wide-ranging network of hiking trails supported by the Arlberg mountain railways

It's no wonder that this region is a source of strength, with reviving and happy tasks and challenges all around for you to set yourself every day. The imposing mountain backdrop of Kapall, Galzig, Valluga and Rendl offers pure hiking pleasure – all of it on over 300 kilometres of perfectly signed hiking trails.

This is where long-route hikers, walkers for pleasure and experienced mountain climbers will find the ideal hikes for personal peak conquests and relaxing moments. You can use the Arlberg Mountain Railways to get to even high destinations in comfort, making trips to the peaks and long-distance hikes easier.

» Interactive hiking map Lech/Zürs


Culinary hiking enjoyment in mountain huts and meadows

When walking from hut to hut, the traditional mountain and meadow huts are inviting, not just because of their sensational views and comfortable resting places, but also their culinary delights. Stocking up for the descent into the valley could hardly be more delightful. But the crowning finish to a mountain hike that strengthened mind and soul is, generally speaking, the Mohnenfluh.Cuisine. Our kitchen with its roots in traditional and seasonal cuisine is already offering weary returning guests a traditional snack in the afternoon. This can be followed up by a visit to the sauna in the Wellness area to regenerate tired muscles quickly, and the hiker's massage offered by masseuse Warunja soon gets rid of muscle aches.

This leaves you refreshed and full of energy, ready to start the next perfect day of your holiday in the Hotel Mohnenfluh!