Silver fir Suite

The Vorarlberg Silver fir - a wood with charachter

local - high quality - ecologically responsible - modern

Silver firs are the biggest trees in Europe. On the most favourable sites, they can reach an age of 600 years, a height of over 60 metres and a trunk diameter of two to three metres. The fir's deep root system, consisting of tap and sinker roots, guarantees that forests will be able to resist storms and at the same time protects the forest floor from erosion and landslides (the roots of a 100-year-old tree may reach 270 m in total length!).

The many advantages of this species of conifer are currently being rediscovered- as are the advantages of its wood. Firs guarantee stable, ecologically valuable forests and are essential for healthy mixed forests.

Among the advantages of using Vorarlberg silver fir wood are of course its regional availability and the associated regional value creation.
Unnecessary environmentally harmful transport is reduced. The use of the wood helps to protect jobs in the region and secure income. By using silver fir wood, we are making targeted use of regional resources.wendung hilft Arbeitskräfte in den Regionen zu erhalten und Einkommen zu sichern. Wir nutzen damit gezielt unsere regionalen Ressourcen.