Arolla pine wood Suite

The arolla pine - a treeline pioneer

comfortable - timeless - high quality - good for your health

In the Inner Alps, the arolla pine (or Swiss stone pine) grows at a higher altitude than any other tree and will advance into regions where other tree and shrub species barely have a chance of survival.

The arolla pine is the slowest growing of all the conifers. For a long time, it remains a bush with dense needles, while other pines of the same age have already grown to form impressive trees. It takes about 40-70 years to reach the height of an adult human being. Until the tree is 100 years old, the trunks rarely reach a diameter of more than 20 cm. Under favourable conditions, a period of massive growth may occur once the tree is about 400 years old. Not until then do the branches become luxuriant.

The volatile pinosylvin is contained in high concentration in the wood, resin and needles. Pinosylvin aids well-being and health and contributes to the particular pine scent, which develops to an especially full extent when the wood is used for building.  The anti-bacterial qualities of arolla pine wood definitely exceed those of every other kind of tree.

Additional discoveries about the qualities of arolla pine wood have recently been made in Graz by scientists of the Joanneum Research research association. An extensive range of types of measurement was used to observe the autonomic nervous system and the functions of the brain stem. Laboratory tests showed that there was a significant difference in the quality of recuperation in an arolla pine wood room compared to an identically designed wood décor room: arolla pine wood causes lower heart frequency rates under physical and mental stress, and in rest phases the vegetative recuperation process is significantly speeded up. It could also be established that the heart rates of the test subjects in the arolla pine room were not affected by air pressure and that these subjects, when compared to the subjects in the wood décor room, were not sensitive to weather conditions. Also proven is the positive effect of arolla pine beds on the heart: the average saving in work came to 3500 beats per day, or a whole working hour for the heart. Sleep is deeper, especially in the first sleep cycle, and vegetative recuperation of the body is much improved.