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regional and sustainable

As ripe as Nature provides it. As authentic and genuine as we love it.

In our kitchen, we proudly use premium produce of known origin and quality. Our Chef de cuisine and his team interpret these treasures of our home region in a creative and yet simple manner.

They repeatedly invite us to rediscover the established and the excellent, emphasising a wide range of facets of the world of tastes that come from a breath-taking background:

flowering mountain meadows, rushing, crystal-clear mountain streams, powerful soils and farms managed with passion are the origin of our Mohnenfluh cuisine, which has been awarded the AMA Gastrosiegel Vorarlberg.

We live as we wish, getting our bread daily fresh from the ovens of master baker Walch, choosing from Handl Tyrol's first-class range of meats (famous not least for their excellent bacon specialities). Dairy products from Vorarlberg, pasture-grazed milk from the mountain farmer Egger in Oberlech, cheese from the Batzen summer pasture in Schröcken and fish from the fish pond in Zug near Lech ...

Our partners share our convictions and values, so we can keep up the precious tradition of delicious food, which we can enjoy at our breakfast buffet, on our sun terrace and in the restaurant every day, with comfort and indulgence.

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Simple indulgence, devoted to alpine nature and heritage

Grown and harvested close to home

Sun terrace

Prime seats for delightful hours in the sun

The paintbrush of Nature could produce nothing more exquisite and yet impressive than we see here, 1,750 m above the rush of modern life. The beautiful Omeshorn exudes strength of character under the crystal-clear Alpine sky. While the surrounding scenery offers its splendours in summer and in winter, we welcome you, hikers, ski fans or those in search of peace and quiet, to what is probably the most beautiful sun terrace in the Arlberg.

Here, we serve delicacies such as a genuine "Arlberg Marend" between-meals snack, spicy venison sausage, Vorarlberg Kässpätzle (cheese pasta) or home-made Kaiserschmarren pancakes. But a fine saffron risotto, steak tartare and premium filet steaks also taste unique in such scenery.

"A drop of something stronger" is an essential for many people. Here, too, we take care to choose the origins and quality and serve premium spirits from the Gebhard Hämmerle private distillery or from the Michelehof.

Wide open and simply picturesque, the view is like a picture that, even for us, is always fascinating. If you engage with it, this enthusiasm will remain with you for a long time. Because memories of this place will come back again and again; they want to be enjoyed all over again and bring our treasured regular patrons back to us for repeated visits.

And we are grateful for it.

Opening hours winter 2022/23

À la Carte breakfast from 08:00 to 10:00 a.m.
Large menu from 11:30 to 16:00
Small menu from 16:00 to 17:00
Evening menu or extracts from it from 19:00 to 21:00
In the evening a table reservation is required.

Real, warm hospitality

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