Welcome to the sun terrace of the Arlberg

Distinctive. Self-confident. Varied.

Like the world of the mountains, our house is a place of strength, with a human perspective and down-to-earth elegance.
Here, nature reveals itself in its entire, unpretentious beauty. Year after year, day after day, a world in peaceful contrast, as open and light, as friendly and natural as the atmosphere of our house.

1,750 m above sea level
and quite close to the sky, we invite you to discover the sun terrace of the Arlberg.
Being there. Arriving. At a place as special as you are.

We look forward to your visit!
Yours sincerely, the Muxel family
7 nights
from € 1.570

per person


Pure Skiing Fun.Short Break.

including mohnenfluh.half-board *morning.evening*
& many more *mohnenfluh.winter.inclusive.services*

bookabel form 06.01. to 27.01.2018
"Paths are made by walking."
(Franz Kafka)
4 nights
from € 435
per person


Ski & chill out in April.

including mohnenfluh.half-board *morning.evening*
& many more *mohnenfluh.winter.inclusive.services*

bookable from 08.04. to 12.04.2018

"Without the cold of winter, there could not be the warmth of spring."
(Ho Chi Minh)
4 nights
from € 740
per person

Casual.Easter.Ski Days.

Ski & chill out in April.

including mohnenfluh.half-board *morning.evening*
& many more *mohnenfluh.winter.inclusive.services*

bookable from 24.03. to 31.03.2018
"In the light of the Easter sun, the secrets of the earth are given a different light."
(Friedrich von Bodelschwingh)
7 nights
from € 1.228
per person


A week of pure firn spring snow and sunshine.

including mohnenfluh.half-board *morning.evening*
& many more *mohnenfluh.winter.inclusive.services*

bookable from 07.04. to 14.04.2018

"Skiing is like dancing, and the mountain always leads."

Our proud heritage. The Muxelhof farm.

It is our heartfelt desire

to preserve this beautiful heritage, to preserve the values of a rich culture, and to do so with an open mind and, to have a healthy and bright future ahead of us.
We would like to invite you to our Muxelhof farm only a few metres away from Mohnenfluh****.



at th  the highest situated residence in Oberlech

therefore enjoys a special place amongst the mountain ranges of the Lech Valley Alps.
It is not any ordinary accommodation but rather it is a private getaway catering to a small number of selected guests.


[Translate to en:] Wenn hoch droben die Welt erwacht

[Translate to en:] Rund um Lech am Arlberg haben die Walser einst der Bergwelt
eine Kulturlandschaft abgerungen, die wir heute als Natur pur wahrnehmen.

Beitrag in der Juli Ausgabe von Servus in Stadt & Land
mit Raingard und Stefan Muxel